The curious case of Ash Hameed; The Nation’s Dream

"…..Ash had been selected as one of the eight best players of the QPR and was informed to play in an invitation tournament under-15s of an Europe football club. The participating teams included famed teams like Barcelona. However, the QPR did not send the team to play in the end and he believed that it was due to sponsorship problems."

By now news must be flying around invoking great excitement and discussion about this 14 year old kid who has signed a contract with Queen’s Park Rangers for 2 years.

A lot of it will be around how he has made Malaysia proud and that we do have the talents in this country to make it with the “Big Boys”.

Possibly, first ever Malaysian to play in the English League in the future.

But I cannot take my mind of from the fact that the father had to go through the hardship of scouting around for an academy in England to accept his son. There were many rejections and finally The Kodak Football Academy accepted him.

Imagine the huge amount of money, the effort and the sacrifice by Ash Hameed’s parents to fulfill their son’s dreams. Another question, while the QPR stint is free for Ash but what about his studies?
Who pays for it? Who pays for his living expenses? Are the parents going to be living with him? Who takes care of the Ash’s siblings while the parents are in England?

Ash’s father was a former youth national and Selangor player. Looking at past records ex national players are not high net worth individuals. At best they are middle class. I hope I am wrong here.
These are very important questions to consider for every parent who harbors a dream of greatness for their children.

The other question is a fundamental one. Why did a father take his son overseas to nurture his talent, hopefully his special “gift”? Why not here?

I am just wondering why did not the sports schools in Malaysia accept Ash Hameed. Or was it the case where the father rejected the sports school’s offer to accept his son. 

I have a daughter that I have dreams of her becoming one of Malaysia’s Super Athlete and one day she becomes a world champion in her chosen sport. That’s just my dream. If she has similar thoughts great, if not …FINE.
However, how far can my energy be expanded and how deep can my pocket be to make that dream come true.


Long story short……. My utmost admiration to the young Ash to take the bold step of believing in himself and competing with others for a spot to play for his favourite team, Liverpool. Funnily enough Malaysia was not mentioned.

To Ash’s dad…..YOU THE MAN!!!!!  For making your son’s dream come through!!!!!!



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  1. orange man,do u know his current status now?how about Kumaahran,heard his trial in Brazil was failed.